Messages From The Bottle

Messages From The Bottle: One Sip That Drowned My Family


What the Book is About

Messages From The Bottle is my own story of a life marred by parental alcoholism, verbal abuse, and unhealthy romantic relationships. Yet it also a story of hope. Through watching my father’s journey of recovery and taking ownership of and reflecting on my personal issues, I was transformed into the successful social worker I am today.

Messages From The Bottle offers practical tips for those affected by alcoholism or abuse. It also includes reflective questions that allow readers to make their own personal applications of my journey. By telling my own story of recovery and fulfillment, I hope to offer healthy healing strategies for anyone seeking to overcome destructive patterns and belief systems.

Messages From The Bottle (currently shopped to publishers) is my own story. Wish me luck! Title may change based on publisher approval.

Who the Book is For

Messages From The Bottle is written for those who’ve grown up in alcoholic or abusive homes, and who want to end their own destructive cycle. It’s also for anyone in any type of recovery, or who struggle with addictive behaviors.

This book is also for the compassionate therapists who walk alongside those on the healing journey. It’s designed as a practical guide for their clients, a tool to accompany the good work done in their therapy offices.

Book Excerpt

Read a short excerpt from Chapter One of Messages From The Bottle.

Watch here for updates on Messages From The Bottle!


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