Finding your voice and embracing your inner child begins with a choice

A choice to begin. A choice to continue. A choice to like yourself, a choice to love yourself, even if you don’t . . . yet. By the time I met my husband nearing my forties, I had finally found my voice. He was the first relationship I had in my life where I was completely myself. He did not try to silence, manipulate me or coerce me into being anything other than my authentic self. More importantly, by that point I had evolved into a person who believed that my opinion, feelings, and thoughts mattered. And I made it clear I would accept nothing less than someone who respected that. I had finally become free of the voices of the past that would pull me back into the neglected, undeserving child I believed I was. I was now in […]

Are you ready to begin healing?

I am an adult child of an alcoholic. I have had my share of abuse, trauma, neglect, co-dependency, self-loathing, depression and anxiety. So, if you’re finding it difficult to navigate through relationships or finding something about yourself that you love or even like, I hear you, I feel you, and I see you. I remember an assignment in college, the professor of my Grief, death and dying class gave an assignment to class. She gave us 5 seconds to write one word that described our childhood. Without thinking, I wrote Hell. If you asked me today to describe the life I created in the moment I am at now, I would say joyful. Although, I can’t change the past, I have learned how to use each and every piece of that part of my life as teaching tools to help […]

How to take Small Steps to Big Change: Transforming Pain to Purpose

Once I had begun to heal from the pain of my past and feel the freedom of my true and authentic self, my passion for self-growth and helping others to find healing and personal freedom grew. So, I become a therapist. True growth takes time. It is a journey. A daily routine of self-acknowledgement and commitment that allows seeds of self-love and acceptance to grow. A flower does not bloom in a day. There is daily nurturing that allows for full potential of it to blossom. Just as flowers and plants need oxygen, so do we need to keep giving ourselves the proper nourishment so we can blossom into our full potential. How are you nourishing yourself, your thoughts and your soul on a daily basis?  For me, meditation, visualization and affirmations really changed my inner programming and responses to […]