Are you ready to begin healing?

I am an adult child of an alcoholic. I have had my share of abuse, trauma, neglect, co-dependency, self-loathing, depression and anxiety.

So, if you’re finding it difficult to navigate through relationships or finding something about yourself that you love or even like, I hear you, I feel you, and I see you.

I remember an assignment in college, the professor of my Grief, death and dying class gave an assignment to class. She gave us 5 seconds to write one word that described our childhood. Without thinking, I wrote Hell.

If you asked me today to describe the life I created in the moment I am at now, I would say joyful. Although, I can’t change the past, I have learned how to use each and every piece of that part of my life as teaching tools to help myself and others heal.  And I have learned how to take my pain and transform it to passion and purpose.

Healing can be hard. It can be painful. And there are many times that the unconscious bonds from childhood whisper to you and pull at you to continue the dysfunction or pain that feels normal to you because, quite honestly, it feels easier.

But it’s not. There’s nothing easy about allowing yourself to be anything less than a human being who deserves respect for yourself and others. There is nothing easy about saying yes when you mean no, or being pushed aside because that inner strength you wish you had hides and allows you to stay stuck in a relationship or situation when you want to move forward.

Yes, Healing can be painful, but it can also be powerful. Pain can be purposeful or pointless. You have choices in your life, fear is a choice, freedom is a choice. You can take small steps to big changes in your life. If you choose to begin your healing, you have begun to become powerful. One step at a time…those steps may seem small and slow but any change that is long lasting takes time. No matter what point in your healing you are in, you can take one step, one moment at a time. If you affirm that each day, throughout the day that you are taking a step towards healing you have spoken to your mind, your heart and soul and declared that you have taken action by affirmation. Make your pain purposeful.

I used to live one day at a time. Some days I can do that. Some days I live one hour at a time, some days one minute at a time.

Action Affirmation:

Today, I affirm that I want, and I am willing to embrace one moment at a time. In this moment I can just breathe and be, and take a step towards embracing and manifesting my healing power.