Every night I’d sit in my bed and write affirmations. Every morning I’d wake up and grab the notebook next to my bed from the night before and write more, then read them to myself again. I wrote them down and rehearsed them hundreds of times. Then I’d close my eyes for a moment, savor the words, and receive it in my heart as truth. That way, throughout the day, I could easily draw upon and reinforce them. I’d put a sticky note on my computer and listened to affirmations or songs while I worked out so that reprogramming was happening everywhere I went. I went to war with my inner programming.

Here are some affirmations that I put into action that I used for myself to heal myself and my wounded inner child.

Action Affirmations

Action Affirmation: If I’m going to be addicted to anything, I choose to be addicted to loving and healing myself.

Action Affirmation: I honor my inner child and all that we’ve been through together. I choose to accept, nurture and love unconditionally as we grow stronger day by day together on this journey.

Action Affirmation: I accept myself as an evolving person, despite my flaws and imperfections. I am perfectly flawed and that is perfect!

Action Affirmation: I do not judge myself for not being perfect, I see my mistakes as masterpieces that I use as valuable tools of growth.

Action Affirmation: Breathe and Be calm. Breathe and Be in this moment. Breathe and Be me; willing, deserving and purposeful.

Action Affirmation: My healing is a powerful choice that I embrace fully.




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